From a child’s very first bicycle to massive pipelines channeling oil across thousands of kilometres, epoxy powder coated steel is used in SO many ways! It protects against mechanical stresses, and all kinds of weather and environmental challenges. A proper protective coating can prevent cracks, chips, rust and blisters, and epoxy powder coating is superior in many ways. Here’s why:

It’s strong – Because it is made from epoxy, this type of coating is durable, long-lasting and tough. It is also hard, and so resists impact and abrasions.

Scratch and corrosion resistant – You don’t have to worry about scratches or rust, and other types of corrosion.

It’s efficient – Thanks to the electromagnetic charge used to hold the powder to the item, there is very little waste created during the process. We can spray as much or as little powder as needed with one application.

Improved aesthetics – Using epoxy powder coating ensures that the appearance and colour of the product is consistent and therefore improves the way it looks.

Insulation properties – This makes powder coated items effective as a high dielectric insulator on aluminium or copper conductors. This means that there will be no need for time-consuming and costly lamination processes when the item is used for cable installations.

It’s durable – During the coating process the powder melts and gels together with long chemical chains, making it more flexible than ordinary paint. This means the finish is far more durable than any other paint option.

Top quality – The application and curing process used in epoxy powder coating creates a high quality finish, unlike any other paint option. It is even, smooth, and does not require any sanding or refinishing.

Long-term maintenance – Powder coating is extremely easy to maintain. It only needs to be wiped down with soapy water and rinsed off.