P&A has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and fabrication plant that consists of three factories, superior material handling facilities, quality imported machinery driven with the latest technology, high-tech software and a comprehensive transport and logistics system.


The P&A manufacturing and fabrication factory stretches across 3,500sqm and consists of two fabrication bays of 40m long and 7m wide. The bays are serviced by purpose-built overhead cranes that have a hook height of 6m and a 5-tonne capacity. The epoxy powder coating factory is housed in a 1,000sqm area and is serviced by an overhead crane that has a hook height of 6m and a 5-ton capacity and a purpose-built oven to seal in the colour. Our third factory is a double-volume factory that consists of 700sqm each. It is used for short-term specialist projects.


To take care of the material handling needs in P&A projects, the factory has 3-tonne and 2-tonne Toyota forklifts. The CNC machinery used at P&A is maintained and continuously updated.


To transport material and finished products to and from the factories, P&A has a range of vehicles including a Freightliner Cat 515 horse with a specialised 15m long low bed trailer, a MAN rigid truck with 6m long drawbar trailer, and 5-tonne and 2-tonne Isuzu trucks.