Top Futuristic Metal Fabrication Trends

For many years P&A has been exploring and implementing top-of-the-range machinery and production  processes. We believe in harnessing the large range of benefits that modern technology can bring to our clients. Just like P&A is embracing the future in our business strategy, and now moving into the future with fantastic new branding, the entire industry is undergoing a revolution. There is a lot to look forward to in the coming years! Here are some trends we expect will affect the market in the near future.


Companies who want to still be in business in the next 10 years cannot ignore automated manufacturing systems. Automatic controls and processes are becoming more accessible, cheaper, faster and better able to take on complex tasks. At P&A automation has been a key focus for many years and we have been integrating automated processes in our daily production, with the ultimate goal of enhanced productivity and increased client satisfaction in mind.

Using technology for strategic planning

Managing a metal fabrication company that offers a variety of services can get complicated. Using the technology of advanced software packages not only makes everyday operations easier, but also improves productivity. With packages like MIETrak, P&A is at the forefront of using technology for strategic planning.

Investment in research and development

More and more metal fabrication companies are realising that it is vital to invest in research and development in order to keep ahead in a highly competitive market. By constantly looking for new opportunities, these companies are better able to grow and compete.

Overall Positivity

Believe it or not but a positive outlook is also a growing trend in the industry. As it is shifting and making an impact on major markets across the United States, China and Europe, metal fabrication is anticipating a period of stability – and profitability. With major opportunities for growth in the coming years, and our continued investment in development and in our industry, we feel that we have exciting times ahead!