P&A’s manufacturing and fabrication capabilities are growing, allowing us to offer bigger and better service and products as time goes on. We are very excited by our latest project, and eager to show our clients exactly how much we are capable of, especially considering the new machine we have recently acquired to help us tackle the task. However, more work means busier staff, and busier staff require a safe working environment.

Serious About Safety

The machinery we work with every day requires educated, qualified workmen to limit the potential danger involved with operating such large machines. But even the most skilled workmen need to take safety measures; therefore, we ensure as safe a working environment as we can through:

  • Creating a company culture of safety-awareness and employee safety
  • Regular safety meetings
  • Annual safety audits
  • In-depth assessments of any accidents which do occur

Safety Ensures Productivity

The reality of employee safety, especially in our industry, is that employee safety is often overlooked. This is not the case at P&A Fabricators. We take the safety of our employees very seriously, and make this a priority as we understand that unsafe employees affect business operation. In line with the potential for greater amounts of business in future, due to our new machine, we will substantially enforce the safety precautions we take.

Lead By Example

To ensure that the importance of employee safety is realised, we take a top-down approach to creating a company culture which emphasises it. Our management team thus makes this a major priority of theirs, and conducts the following:

  • Removing serious recognised hazards from the workplace
  • Training our employees to safely use and efficiently maintain all tools and equipment
  • Providing comprehensive and understandable safety training
  • Establishing safety-geared operating procedures and communicating this across the board.

We believe that a safe employee is a productive employee. The P&A team is important to us and we do our level best to keep them safe and sound. Come on a factory tour and see how we operate. Book now.