For any living being to survive, we need a few things: water, sunshine, food and of course, air. Did you know that we breathe around 15,000 litres of air every 24 hours? Imagine what it can do to our bodies if that air is not clean. When it comes to physical and mental wellbeing, clean air is not optional. Unfortunately, many people lead their lives at work, and at home, without air filtration systems.

Why Air Filtration is so Important

In addition to keeping your employees and family members safe, having a good air filtration system installed has a range of other benefits, for example:

Taking care of employee health – Because many of us spend as much as 70% of our time indoors, air quality in the workplace is crucial. The human body struggles to deal with air pollution in the form of fine particles (smaller than 10 microns). Busy roads and industry are major sources of these particles, and the only way to protect employees is to install quality air filter systems.

Protecting equipment and furniture – Good air filtration helps to remove airborne dust and and other particles that could end up damaging your assets. This will reduce ongoing maintenance costs and could also prevent future expenditure in this regard.

Extending the shelf-life of perishables – The manufacturing industry heavily relies on air filtration systems to remove airborne bacteria and germs.

The bottom line is that adequate air filtration is essential to your company and your home. Quality air should not be optional!

P&A Fabricators has been dealing with Freudenberg Filtration Technologies in creating bag filter units for their filtration systems. If you have an upcoming steel fabrication project, talk to us.