Gerald’s Story

Gerald Anthony joined P&A 30 years ago and worked as a fitter & turner. Although he enjoyed his work environment and excelled at his job, Gerald wanted to use his head, and not just his hands. He took it upon himself to do some management courses, and read every management and business book he could lay his hands on.

Working Together for Growth

Gerald became friends with Mike Davies Jr, the owner of P&A at the time’s son. The two young men started working together with the shared goal of taking P&A to the top of the industry. They became interested in equipment and started focusing on how improving the company’s equipment can improve its growth.

In 1990 Mike Davies Sr gave Gerald 5% shares for his contribution to the growth of the company. Although he was very grateful for the wonderful gift, Gerald felt that he was making 100% effort for 5% return. Right there and then he decided that he would buy more shares in the company. Over the years he built his stock and by 2007, Gerald and Michael Davis Jr owned 50% shares each.

A New Era

In 2015 Mike Jr had a serious mountain bike accident. It was so severe that he nearly lost his life. Mike’s recovery took some time during which he was no longer actively involved in the running of P&A. In January 2017 Gerald took over 100% shares of P&A. Because of his passion for the industry, love for the company and pioneering ideas, Gerald is taking P&A to new heights.