Paving The Way With New Technology


“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” – Daniel Bell.

P&A welcomed two new machines to the factory, the AMADA HG1003 ATC bending machine, is the second of its kind in South Africa. This machine has the ability to increase part production, reduce resources and can be utilised by employees with varying skill levels. A hybrid Servo/hydraulic drive system ensures that the machine is low maintenance and highly accurate. The HG1003 is accompanied by an automatic tool changer that reduces setup time and allows for efficient and accurate tool changing. While a tool change takes place an automatic safety door is engaged, once the tool change is completed, the safety door opens up for the machine controller to commence bending. The punch reversal unit allows for more versatile bending, allowing users to create a variety of parts with a single tool setup. The machine is also designed to facilitate deep box bending.15 punch stockers and 18 die stockers make up the machines tooling storage, which can easily be managed by the HG ATC’s AMNC 3i control system. The central control unit displays key data on a larger touchscreen that is network ready and user-friendly. A combination of the network capabilities and Dr ABE software allows users to create setups and part processes offline, these can then be retrieved by the operator to initiate the bending process, which boosts productivity. Other noteworthy features include:

  • A sliding foot pedal
  • 6 axis backgauge with additional double L-axis
  • Bend sensor – to gauge and compensate for springback

Also new to the P&A family, and new to Africa, being the first of its kind out of AMADA Japan for international use, we have the AMADA EML-AJ combination laser/punch machine. This machine has unmatched efficiency improvements, with increased cut speeds, automatic processes and an effective combination of laser and punch functions to speed up output while minimising input. Among the automated processes we have nozzle changing (which includes a change, clean and calibration in each instance). This machine has automated scrap conveying and laser cutting plate cleaner. To increase the efficiency of the punching process, the EML-AJ machine includes oil misting for self-lubrication and an air-blow system to prevent slug pulling. The iconic feature on this machine is its punching and forming capabilities, with 30-tonne downward force and 16-tonne upward force from high-speed rams, this is what categorises this machine in a league of its own. The machine utilises an AMNC 3i numerical control system. Easily navigate controls on a 21’5 inch touchscreen display. The AMNC 3i control unit includes a barcode scanner and keeps productivity and history records. The EML – AJ utilises a 3kW fibre laser, which produces a higher quality laser and better absorption. This fibre laser reduces energy consumption and running costs.

Overall, these machines give P&A Fabricators greater flexibility and a lower cost per part, which we can relay onto our customers.