Making Employee Safety a Priority

Employees are one of the most important assets in any company, and there is no difference in the steel fabrication industry. Keeping your team safe should be a priority to all companies, especially in a relatively high-risk industry such as steel fabrication. Here are a few aspects to consider when you are making safety a priority:

Safe or Productive?

In an ideal world, employees are safe while maintaining high levels of productivity. In reality, however, employee safety is often neglected. While it should not come down to a choice, safety should be the clear winner.

It Starts at The Top

When it comes to worker safety, it is vital that a culture of safety is implemented by management – and that this is clearly communicated to all employees. Responsibilities in terms of safety include:

– Ensuring the workplace is free from serious recognised hazards.

– Complying with OHS standards and regulations.

– Establishing safety-geared operating procedures and communicating this across the board.

– Ensuring that employees are trained to safely use and properly maintain all tools and equipment.

– Providing accessible and understandable safety training to all employees in a suitable language.